1 .The factors for choosing assemble clothes – quần áo bảo hộ lao động

Chemical Dangers: Chemicals show a variety of risks such as toxicity, corrosiveness, flammability, reactivity, and oxygen deficiency. Depending on the chemicals are available, any combination of dangers may happen

Physical Environment: Chemical contact can happen everywhere: in industrial sites, on the highways, or residential areas. It may happen either indoors or outdoors; the environment may be very hot, cold, or moderate; the contact site may be relatively uncluttered or rugged, presenting a lot of physical dangers; chemical handling activities may involve in confined spaces, heavy lifting, climbing the ladder, or crawling on the ground area. The option of ensemble components must account for those conditions.

Period of Contact: The protective qualities of ensemble components may be limited to certain contact levels (For example: material chemical resistance, air supply). The decision for ensemble use time must be made assuming the worst case case so that safety margins can be applied to increase the available protection to the worker.

Safety Clothes or Equipment Availablity: An array of different clothing or equipment is available to workers to meet all intended applications. Relying on one particular safety clothing bảo hộ lao động or equipment item may severely limit a facility’s ability to handle a broad range of chemical contact. In purchase of equipment and clothing, the safety department or other responsible authorities should try to provide a high degree of flexibility with choosing protective clothing and equipment that is easily integrated and provides protection against each conceivable dangers.

2.Categories of Protective Clothes

Personal protective clothing – quần áo bảo hộ includes the following:

Fully encapsulating clothes

Nonencapsulating clothes

Gloves – găng tay, boots, and hoods

Firefighter’s safety clothes –bảo hộ lao động

Proximity, or approach clothes

Blast or fragmentation clothes

Radiation safety clothes – đồng phục bảo hộ lao động

Firefighter turnout clothing, blast clothes, and radiation clothes are not acceptable for providing adequate protection from dangerous chemicals.

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