Labor safety – bảo hộ lao động issues need to check

Labour Safety- bảo hộ lao động with numbers updated first 6 months of 3674 the labor accidents increased by 8% over the same period in 2015. In particular the number of dead workersincreased from 257 cases to 323 cases (corresponding to an increase of 25%).Scaffolding collapse as 13 deaths in the economic zone of Vung Court, Formasa Industrial Park, Viet Nam. So these numbers are alarming signals in the problems of the current labor protection. Let us also look over and discuss, comments to understand better the inadequacies of the current labor protection.

1.     The status of labour safety – bảo hộ lao động, accident in 2016

In the first 06 months of 2016 over 3674 nationwide occurred labor accident (occupational accidents) as 3777 victims, in particular:
·          The number of fatal occupational accidents: 323 cases
·          The number of occupational accidents there are two or more victims: 54 cases
·          The death toll: 356 people
·          The number of serious injuries: 854 people
·          The victim was female employees: 1,176 people

2.    Disadvantages for non-using labor safety-bảo hộ lao động

Ø  In chemical environments: Humans do not use utensils when labor protection, labor protection clothing especially to avoid harm to the body, causing complications (inflammation skin, skin cancer, lung cancer, sinusitis, meningitis, eye damages including blindness affecting hazardous to lifetime.
Ø   In industrial environments, mechanical: The man does not use labor protection will lead to harmful effects: cut, stamping hands, reduced visual acuity (when not wearing anti-noise earplug), when the  head injury  when heavy things fall on, affecting deadly lwhen power –leak without wearing electrical-voltage resistant clothing.
Ø   For employees: Influence on the human body and life. Labor productivity is greatly reduced.
Ø  Worker’s Family: the loss of the income for families in treatment period, can the burden of the family as labor accidents occur particularly with those who generate income for family.
Ø  For the employer company:  Responsible for the cost of labor accidents of workers, slow down the process of production, affect the production machinery during labor accident. Take the times to find the others to replace and train again.
Ø  For social organizations: Must pay the costs for labor accidents, labor organization have to pay for the disabled workers that cannot afford a lifetime when accidents happen. For families the person create the main income will be a burden to the family, the education of children will be affected (stop learning and take part in labor market to earn money for  assistance). The society’s vices will happen when their life is no longer able to generate more income.

3.    Advantages of labor safety – bảo hộ lao động


Ø  The workers feel the safe during working process, physical protection, human lives. Reduce risk of labor accidents. So that working productivity is ensured, improved.

Ø  For companies: Despite they have to consume a part of budget for labor protection equipment, whereas the company does not have to take additional time when labor accident happen.Ensure the manufacture process is smooth.

4.  The impact factors for labour safety- bảo hộ lao động

Ø  Knowledge of labor protection.
·         The labor protection is not equipped with the knowledge of labor protection, the company did not celebrate the programs on occupational accidents.
·         Worker Awareness: Employees underestimate the labor protection, do not comply with the rules of labor protection. Careless attitude, technical non-compliance in the labor process leads to errors in the work process. Equipped labor protection but they do not use protective clothes, tools, accessories.
Ø  Equipping labor protection.
·         Equipping poor labor protection is not enough
·         Use protective equipment is no suitable with labor protection standards in the work environment characterized by operating areas.
Ø  Working conditions
·         Pressure of work: work overload resulted in people no longer concentrated in the long term lead to reduce the productivity along with it and the risk of workplace safety has increased.
·         Workload: Have to complete a large volume of work process, chasing deadlines that make laborers become careless, do not control the quality of work.
·         Working in a healthy state, morale is not good.
Ø   Company policy:
·         For utilizing profits, many companies have not taken care seriously the issue of labor protection for workers. (overtime,…)
·         The financial situation of companies face many difficulties led to budget cuts for labor protection equipment.

5.     Solutions on labor protection – bảo hộ lao động

Ø  Personal Awareness: Individual workers must form the habit of critical levels of labor protection. Strictly follow safety procedures. Join the company courses, social organizations to be improved knowledge. Otherwise they should be equipped with better skills to operate machinery, work effectively and avoid the risks of labor accidents can happen.
Ø  Company, organization: Equipping labor protection with business-field standards that company are operating. Training classes, hire organizations to teach safety. Stick the notes, banners where have the possibility of occupational accidents. Propaganda in earnest about workplace safety with practical activities, examinations on occupational safety for employees to see the consequences of occupational accidents from which employees have a greater sense of security labor safety.
Ø  Organizations and Society: Propagation on traditional channels to the company, the employees know about workplace safety situation. Check regularly on the safety of companies and organizations to understand and overcome, minimizing the risk of labor accidents

Conclusion: With the development of economy, science and technology development is accompanied by risks of occupational safety that are increasing. So we need to be equipped well with the protective tools, clothes, programs and policies on labor protection taken seriously to reduce the risk of labor accidents.

The above article is the judgment of our analysis on the issue of labor protection, as well as solutions in the form of opening for us, or contribute the ideas to become this  meaningful, and practical topic
Look forward to the contribution of enthusiastic readers.
Thank you!

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